Saturday, October 29, 2005

Maybe I will type a little bit after all

Ok. So the car. I got a 1997 mazda miata. I think having a convertable here is a requirement. In any case, I love it. It is beautiful and fun and gets good gas milage. And yes, I fit in it.... since that seems to be the first thing that anyone asks me. After I get it detailed to the point I am happy with I will put some pictures up.

I will be in New Orleans the second week of November. I have some work to do for the sewing site, but I have one day that I could tattoo if anyone is interested. Let me know. I also know that I will be in New Orleans around Christmas if November is too soon. I will also be there in February for Steve's brother's wedding... so there you go. Much beyond that I can't say.

ummmm... that's about it. I hope everyone has a good Halloween. I, for one, am doing nothing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Sage!! We miss you horribly..I passed by Ink a Bink earlier this week...aside from being all boarded up Im assuming things inside are as they were when you left. Its been hard to keep going in this mess. eight members of my family lost their homes, and ofcourse I lost my dad. He died while evacuating to Lafayette. My brothers and sisters are trying to get their homes back in order. they all lived in Eden Isles. We are trying to get my moms house liveable first so she can move back to what is familar. Shes had a horrible time adjusting to loosing her home, car, and her husband of what on the 21st of this month will be 60 years with the same man. I've not let her in on my own health problems to keep her from having another problem to think about. I had angioplasty in october where a stint was placed, and after many many tests it was discovered I have Lupus. I am on steroids, and tylenol with codine so Im loopier than usual. We had a lovely Japanese tea last sunday and I remembered all of you guys who were displaced by the K word. I also reset up my altar here at home and send blessings your way along with Kelly, Kismit, Mary, Kimberly, and Craig. Its been so hard for everyone, and I dont mind saying I hate to even go into the city because each glance offers a new nightmare and my ability of Empathy is so strong that I get plunged into depression thinking about all the folks still going thru hell. well I found a nice young red haired elven type boy to do a tattoo of me as a fairy on my left arm and it is soooo cute...I call it the fat fairy and if I squeeze the skin I can make her skinny..hahah..Adam also did a couple of little touchups on the Phoenix you were working on where I healed crappy cause of the diabetes...and its pretty nice..better than when it was that stupid lilly picture...thanks for fixing it for me...well blessings to you for Yule and it would be nice to see you soon...hugs Phyllis

2:46 PM  
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