Thursday, September 01, 2005

More News

Derek (a friend of Steve and I's from New Orleans) came down to hang out with me today. It was good to see someone .

I heard from Steve tonight. Finally. He is holed up somewhere on the westbank with all of the other firefighters. They have taken over a building as their center of command, but all they have to work with for communication is walkie-talkies. He told me that he has food and water (though not much) and that he is ok for now.

Things are, according to him, really really bad there. They are regularily driving by people who have died by being shot, laying in the street. Horrible. It breaks my heart that it all is happening like that, that he has to be there trying to rescue people and help people medically in that. He thinks that he will be there for at least a month. We will have to see what happens after that.

Because Derek came by today, I didn't have time to go to any tattoo studios, but Sammy (the guy who I do the sewing site for) is pestering me to go to Kansas City and help him. Not up for flying right now, that is for sure. I can do almost everything that he needs me to here though. I will probably try to get out tomorrow and look some more. If I get on anywhere, I will post it here.

Thanks for all of the great emails. You guys are the best.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hon, if you decide to come up to Kansas City, we have a couch that you can sleep on till you can figure out what you're doing. You can e-mail me at

--pekeana from the BPAL forums

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Amy said...

It's 'darkcello' from over at the BPAL forums. Been thinking of you. Very glad you got out with your doggies. If there's anything you need, and I can send it, let me know.
Take care, Amy
darkcello AT gmail DOT com

5:23 PM  
Blogger Supasonic Sage said...

Now you all can see why I think the BPAL people are so sweet... you guys are the best

6:33 AM  
Anonymous K Williams said...

I am soo glad I finally stumbled on this part of your sight. Gosh Sage, I am soo glad you're ok. I have been emailing other sections and checking lists to see if you and Jason were safe. NOLA's my home away from home and the best ink I have ever had came from Jason at your shop. I prayed and cried for you all. I know you don't know me that well but seriously if you need anything including help with the sites please don't hesitate.
Kadija ( )

P.S. I'm in NYC and if you don't mind please pass my info to Jason if he is still tattooing. (He did my fairy in 2003 and phoenix in 2004)

7:37 PM  
Anonymous Lea said...

Hey Girl,
Laurie and I are overjoyed to know you and Steve are safe. We have friends in Venice, Fl, so you can't get rid of us by moving. Hope you get set back up soon. Lea (and Laurie) the knitter from Alabama

7:38 PM  
Anonymous K Williams said...

Hey Sage me again. If anyone you know needs someplace to work and doesn't travelling I just came across this while surfing...

Epic Tattoo Studio in north Metro-Atlanta is willing to guest spot a displaced tattoo artist or two affected by the hurricane. We are very busy and a qualified and hard-working artist should have no trouble making money here. Call 770-517-7200 for more details.

8:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey bro it sucks about your shop.I own one of my own and it would devastate me & my family to go through what you went through

9:33 PM  

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