Monday, September 05, 2005

Some people I love are safe

Since the last time I posted, I heard from Steve's Dad and grandparent's. They are all safe. I also heard Dan was ok... he is in Lake Charles. In other words, the whole crew from Ink-A-Bink made it out safe and sound. I bet Jason is glad he moved to New York =).

Roger and Miles have moved back to Minneapolis, at least for the time being. I have sort of held off on finding a tattoo job until I figure out what is going on with Steve. More on him. He is still in New Orleans. Cell phones are working a little bit better right now and I am able to hear from him a little more often. Makes me feel a lot better. There was a plan in place to get all of the firefighters out of town to be evaluated mentally and physically. About 150 are out right now. Steve is supposed to be leaving tomorrow. However, the chain of command is really screwed up because the superintendant resigned, and no one is in charge anymore. Now they want some people to stay behind, or some to go. They don't know where they are sending people, they were supposed to go to either Atlanta or Las Vegas. One of the chiefs yelled at Steve and that he could forget about going to either place.

Now, I am trying really hard not to freak out. But here is the deal. They told him at first that he would probably be there a month. He was ok with that. He knew that was the deal and he was mentally prepared for it. Then they told him that basically they were concerned about their mental health (and rightfully so, considering that a couple of police officers killed themselves and the conditions there), and that they would be sending him to get checked out by doctors (which he hasn't yet) and then he would be able to spend a week with his family. Then they told him to forget about that.

I am so flammingly pissed off at everything that has to do with this situation. No one is in charge. No one knows what they are doing. He is not enlisted in a branch of the military, he is a paid employee of a city. He has been working since Sunday morning without any days, or even hours off, without a place to sleep, without water and food for a good part of it, getting shot at while trying to put out fires and seeing some of the most horrible things that he has even seen in his life. Now, I understand that at least he has not been trapped on a roof for this whole week. I do. I am not saying that he is in the worst situation in the world, but they need to get their shit together over there.

I know that I am going to start babbling and not making sense very soon. .. so I am going to stop.


Thursday, September 01, 2005

More News

Derek (a friend of Steve and I's from New Orleans) came down to hang out with me today. It was good to see someone .

I heard from Steve tonight. Finally. He is holed up somewhere on the westbank with all of the other firefighters. They have taken over a building as their center of command, but all they have to work with for communication is walkie-talkies. He told me that he has food and water (though not much) and that he is ok for now.

Things are, according to him, really really bad there. They are regularily driving by people who have died by being shot, laying in the street. Horrible. It breaks my heart that it all is happening like that, that he has to be there trying to rescue people and help people medically in that. He thinks that he will be there for at least a month. We will have to see what happens after that.

Because Derek came by today, I didn't have time to go to any tattoo studios, but Sammy (the guy who I do the sewing site for) is pestering me to go to Kansas City and help him. Not up for flying right now, that is for sure. I can do almost everything that he needs me to here though. I will probably try to get out tomorrow and look some more. If I get on anywhere, I will post it here.

Thanks for all of the great emails. You guys are the best.