Friday, September 24, 2004


I am not even going to make excuses for not updating lately, since it is really pretty pointless... but here I am.

And to bring you all up to date:

There is going to be a new tattoo artist at Ink-A-Bink. His name is Lance and he used to work at Imperial Tattoo in Chalmette. He will be starting this Wednesday. Jason and Dan are still here and we also picked up a counter person to help on busier days. Clint, our piercer, moved back to California and is now in EMT school. We hope he is doing well.

We also have Eric in town as a guest artist over Halloween. Jason is very happy because he should get the wing tattoo on his chest worked on again.

Our copy machine dies yesterday (insert appropriate sad music here) so I am running around trying to find another one to replace it. We do have one of those printers that will copy and we have another copier that works but both of those options are not quite up to par.

I have been sewing several hours a day getting Steve and I's Halloween costumes ready. We are both going to be pirates, but Steve is going to wear this crazy skull mask he has so he will be a dead pirate. I will post pictures of them when I finish them.

And I was wrapped up for a few weeks working on that sewing site that I do. The site has over 800 products and I had to migrate them to a new site. The only thing is, the version of the shopping cart software we were using didn't have the option of exporting all of the products to a flat file, so I have to enter them all in manually. Ick.

I am trying to get about five paintings together for an art show in December or so. When I find out more, I will let you all know.

And the MTV show aired. It actually looked a little better than I thought it would. The shop looked bright and I didn't look like an ass. I was more worried about how the shop would look, but not looking like an ass was a bonus.

And we can't forget that the Sims 2 came out... we all know how I feel about the Sims. Once the playstation gets back from Sony (disk read error... go figure) we have Champions of Norrath to play. If they would just come out with another Neverwinter Nights, I could stay in the house and never have to leave.

That's it for now. My camera is at work and part of the problem with having a large memory card is that I am not compelled to empty it as much. I don't even remember what is on there any more.